Antoine van Dongen

“Antoine always has helpful advice, and his attitude is the best of all teachers I have had. He has wonderful analogies and motivates his students to perform to the best of their ability. His passion for music has increased my own.”

“He really pushes each student to a new level and knows exactly what attitude/emotional relationship works best for each student. I have also learned to make far better usage of my own time and teach myself–an invaluable skill.”

“Mr. van Dongen is not only an excellent player with a wonderful sense of technique and musicality, he also is a great teacher who I felt genuinely cared about my progress and well being. He is positive even when delivering criticism which is always constructive.”

“I like it very much that Mr van Dongen accompanies me at the piano as well. It helps me being fully prepared for a performance.”

“He is very dedicated and passionate about what he does and immensely talented. He plays a lot in lessons to demonstrate his ideas – something that I always found essential to truly great teaching at this level, if not all.”